What We Inspect

Glendale InspectionProfessional Arizona Home Inspector Paul Hegreness  is the Lead Inspector for Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection Company and a Certified Master Home Inspector. You can expect outstanding customer service, experience, knowledge and professionalism from this Arizona Home Inspections Company. Our evaluations and reports are performed by a professional, certified, licensed, insured Home Inspector with the tools, training and experience to do it right.

After your Inspection is scheduled, your Inspector will arrive cleanly dressed, in a professional vehicle prepared to begin the evaluation of the home. We will be on time and ready to answer any remaining questions you may have.

You are encouraged to attend as much of the property inspection as you like. However, many of our clients prefer to attend near the end to review the report findings and finalize the documentation. Your Inspector will provide you with a copy of the Pre-Inspection Agreement and documentation to ensure you understand the process. All part of our process to make sure we deliver outstanding customer service.

Our specialized process utilizes a “three pass” methodology that helps insure nothing is overlooked. Our process involves three passes around the exterior looking for and recording different items with each pass. Then, the roof covering is inspected for proper installation, debris and damage. Next, we inspect the attic and the crawl spaces for structure, insulation, electrical and other items. Finally, we make three passes through the interior of the residence, again inspecting different components with each pass. We operate all appliances in normal modes and literally test drive the house for you.

Once the technical review portion is complete, the inspector will prepare the report for delivery. If you are present, your inspector will give you an on site digital presentation of the findings, clarify anything that you have questions about and offer suggestions about dealing with any negative findings. When needed, the inspector will recommend certified, licensed specialist for specific needs or property deficiencies.

We perform a complete and thorough property evaluation using our customized three pass process. Our process covers over 600 individual items from the foundation to the shingles.

Pass Or Fail?

Keep in mind that no home is perfect, not even a brand new house. Our inspectors are trained professionals in the real estate inspection process and evaluate each property against the Arizona Standards of Practice and today’s most current building standards. We are not code enforcement and an inspection is not a pass or fail report. It is an evaluation and opinion of the property condition at the time of the report which simply identifies deficiencies we can find in a reasonable amount of time. Anyone buying or selling a home should understand the Limitations Of A Home Inspection. Report findings are useful in the buying and selling decisions and for understanding what action, if any, should be taken once a property is purchased.

Why Are Home Inspections Important?

A property inspection is an important step in your real estate buying or selling decision making. It is important for home buyers and sellers to better understand the The Value Of A Home Inspection. Any identified deficiencies in today’s current building standards or the Arizona Standards of Practice help sellers understand what should be in the disclosure document or make repairs ahead of time and helps the buyer understand the inspectors opinion of property conditions. Why trust one of your largest financial investments to just anyone? Our Home Inspections provides the expertise, tools, certifications and training to do the job right the first time. Our Home Inspectors demonstrate our dedication to outstanding customer service, quality and delivering compete and thorough inspection reports that reinforce and educate you about real estate decisions.

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